Ask the Beta Tester

I am thrilled to have had the ability to beta test Kajabi over the last several months and now help answer your questions!

Here are the rules…

1. Ask any question you want about Kajabi. There are a couple questions that I can not answer. Well, not that I can’t, more that I am not going to step on any “formal” announcements that I know are upcoming from the Kajabi Team (I am sworn to secrecy and pretty sure they know where I live :) – Short of that, everything is free game.

Features? How to use it? Who should consider buying Kajabi and who should consider passing on it? Anything you want …

2. Don’t use this forum to start selling crud and junk. This thread has one objective. Help people decide if Kajabi is right for them. So, be don’t be a @#$! or I will have to cut you off. Initially I have the settings set at “all comments will await moderation.” This is only until I see everyone is being above board. Don’t worry, I am pretty quick at posting and answering.

3. Yes, I not only own Kajabi, I signed up as an affiliate (kind of how this site started). So all I ask is that if you found the site helpful, that before you go buy Kajabi (if you do) you come through this site first and use my affiliate link (I will also send you an email when the cart opens up). I think I get something like $30, so I won’t get rich, but maybe I can start drinking fancy coffee.

That’s it. Feel free to ask questions below and let the games begin!