Best Kajabi Bonus Offer?

Here they come…all those incredible Kajabi Bonus offers that affiliates will offer this week in hopes of getting you to order through their link.

I just couldn’t resist making this video that pokes a little fun at a few “too good to be true” offers plus extends a real life (but still great) Kajabi Bonus from yours truly.

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The Print Version…

Ok, Maybe you are not a video person and would rather read about what I said in the video. Course, if you are not a video person than Kajabi is probably not right for you. (See how I have helped you already?)

Anyway, here is what I said, very briefly, in the video…

1. Kajabi is awesome.

2. I will NOT  be giving away the following items…

  • Trip to space
  • iPod, iPhones, Computers, or 8-track tapes
  • Lion, Tigers, or Bears
  • Some made-up $10,000 value training which really contains stuff you could buy online for $5 from a PLR website.

3. Here is that little something extra you will get when buying Kajabi through my site:

Kajabi Bonus: One Hour Consulting Session with me to go over your choice of…

  • Your overall online business plan
  • Assistance on using Kajabi
  • Help deciding if Kajabi is right for you.

Even if you don’t keep Kajabi, I will still honor the hour consulting session.  You don’t have to wait for some far off  date in the future to receive and use your Kajabi bonus.

4. To be eligible, go to, empty your cookies, and purchase Kajabi through any link on my site. Once I have confirmation of your sign-up, we can schedule your appointment.

I look forward to working with you.

Fred Rewey, Kajabi Beta Tester

P.S. I am an affiliate for Kajabi.  This does not change the price you pay or the product you receive. It does mean that if you buy Kajabi through my website I will receive a referral fee (something like $30 which I will most likely waste on fancy golf balls, cigars, or Diet Pepsi).

P.S.S. Please use the power of Kajabi for good. Treat people as you want to be treated.