Can I Use Kajabi for Multiple Projects?

The short answer is, “Yes.”

Actually, the long answer is also, “Yes.”

A “Project” is basically any program you have that has its own, independent, look, feel, or content.

For example, you might have one project for an Internet Marketing Training and another on How to Train Your Dog. That would be two different projects or products.

All projects can be seen in your main Kajabi dashboard with one word of caution…

At the time of this writing, anyone that you appoint with “admin” status has access to ALL of your Kajabi projects. The team is currently working to allow Admins at just an individual project level.

Kajabi is set up to accommodate multiple projects with ease. Matter of fact, at the time of this review, there is no limit to the number of projects you can have.*

(*Editor’s Note: The folks at Kajabi are currently reviewing this. However, we suspect anything within reason will be fine – especially since a “power user” will begin to be nominally billed for bandwidth. Again, this portion of Kajabi is under review).

For those interested in selling or creating more than one project or training, Kajabi is perfectly suited to help you manage the product launch, sales funnel, and training delivery with ease!


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