Can Kajabi Help Create Membership Sites?

One of the features we looked for in an online delivery system was flexibility (see full Kajabi Review Here).

We have some products that are a “one time” delivery. In other words, they are trainings that someone pays for once and enters into the Kajabi system to access the content. There’s no reoccurring billing.

Other programs are membership based – meaning they are billed every month for continued access.

Kajabi easily handles them both with two important features…

1. The Drip Feed

Allows people to enter into the training system at different times. This is important if, instead of an all-at-once launch, you want to continue to sell the product on an ongoing basis.

If you are using the “module” release, one person may be on module one while someone else is on module three.

2. Membership Levels

I love this one. The fulfillment side of Kajabi can look different to each user based on their membership level.

Maybe you sell a Silver and a Gold package. After the user has gone through your front-end Kajabi funnel process, they will have access to the appropriate information.

So, in the end, whether you want a one-time sale or an ongoing membership site, Kajabi has got you covered.

To go to the official Kajabi site and hear all about how you can get Kajabi, click here.