Does Kajabi Replace WordPress?

Kajabi vs. WordPressWith many people still trying to figure out where Kajabi might fit into their Internet marketing and product launch, people are asking how Kajabi compares to WordPress or if it can even replace their WP account.

Although the new marketing platform will indeed be a game changer, there are a few things you need to know.

For starters, What is Kajabi?

It is an online platform that is geared towards selling products online, delivering trainings online, and creating membership sites. If you have been using WordPress for these purposes then yes, Kajabi will be a perfect upgrade to your internet marketing.

However, Kajabi is really not a traditional website in a WordPress sense. Although Kajabi has easy push button features, it does not replace the hundreds of WordPress blog templates out there. It also, at this time, won’t replace all the benefits of SEO you may have running a blog engine.

The short answer is that your WordPress site may still be the very beginning of your funnel. It is where you can cultivate a list; create branding, and even run advertisements for your own products or others.

Take this site for example.

It is created on a WordPress engine using the Socrates premium WP theme. It provides a simple way to publish up-to-date posts and great content that can be found by online search engines.

When selling some sort of product, I take visitors from this site to a Kajabi squeeze page or series of videos that would sell and then deliver the training, membership site, or product content.

This allows me to have several front-end websites -  all feeding my Kajabi funnel and fulfillment modules.

Kajabi does not replace WordPress but it does allow you to have a clean look and a single objective for your front end WordPress website. Kajabi will take care of the rest.

To go to the official Kajabi site and hear all about how you can get Kajabi, click here.