Every Kajabi Plan is Unlimited

Kajabi has cleared up any confusion regarding the three pricing options it has available.  They’ve assured us there’s no need to worry about hidden fees or massive overage charges (remember you first cell phone “roaming” charge?)

First off, Kajabi was created without limitations. There are three basic plan “sizes” to start with.  Depending on your needs, pick between the…

Starter, Pro, or  Ultra (read Kajabi Price in Three Sizes to see which one is right for you).

Keep in mind, every Kajabi package comes with the following…

1. If you go above your allotted band width, not to worry. The additional fee is only 48 cents per GB used. So you are not automatically bumped up to another package.

2. If you need extra projects, you pay only $20 per project (active at the end of a billing cycle).

3. If you go over your allotted users, you are only charged $.01 per additional user. Need to add 1,000 users to your “starter” package? Yep, that will only cost you $25.

Frankly, I am pretty happy about the easy “add-ons.” It removes any surprises and worry about picking the wrong plan.

Still not sure if you should get Kajabi? Right now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of a Kajabi Free Trial. Consider it a 14-day test drive, just to see how good it really is.