How to Launch Products Online

So you have decided to put a stake in the ground and launch product online. There are plenty of pitfalls, so let’s make sure we are on the same page.

Your first Product Launch…

For starters, I hope you that you have your own product (or at least have re-written a product).

By that I mean you are not simply hoping to cash in big selling affiliate products off some sight a “guru” told you would make you millions (Rhymes with Mickbank).

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for affiliate sales (like you when you have your own list) and you may do well – but for now lets keep these to the side.

So if you have your own product you are most likely going to look for some way to make it look good. You know…sell.

There are a couple ways to handle a product launch online. The best way is to look into some of the product marketing software options available to you.

Product Marketing Software – Cut corners and still look good.

Product Marketing SoftwareThe Kajabi platform is getting a lot of attention lately. Although the formal launch was in October, some online marketers have been using it most of 2010 – and with great results.

This system will work especially for those of you that want to deliver your product via video, save time, and create social interaction.

Please don’t sell me a PDF….really…

That is not to say that PDF reports are dead…just beginning to look more like 8-track tapes when compared to today’s marketing methods.

People want video. People want interaction. People want simple.

Sure, PDFs are “simple” but…yawn….boring! Think video. Whether on your WordPress or “regular” site is a discussion for another day. Grab an Amazon S3 account already and start delivering killer content.

In the beginning, just worry about Two Steps…

1. Create a quality product.

2. Deliver it in a way that people enjoy consuming it.

We can worry about the “rocket science” part of getting bigger (more sales and raving fans) once you get one under your belt.