Internet Marketing – Get the Facts for Online Business

When trying to learn about Internet Marketing the conversation always starts out the same. “I have a friend who can get you to the top of the search engines.” – Yea, right.

In truth, getting a web site to be seen globally is a cross between magic, luck, voodoo, a ton of readers, and solid content. Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

Your Site can’t be for Everyone and Everything.

No one wants a bunch of crud thrown at them that isn’t relevant to what they want. You can have a site about “dogs” but if you start talking about “cars” you are going to lose them. A site targeted to specific information appeals to both visitors and search engines.

Don’t Only Sell Me.

Your site needs to have real information. Not just some veiled attempt to get me to buy something. Sure, plenty of people want an online business, but it is not just about putting stuff on the site for people to buy (contrary to what some people may tell you).

Deliver some quality content that helps me and I certainly may be interested to learn more.

Dress It Up.

Just because you can get a free template off your friend doesn’t mean that is the right thing to do.

Hey, technology has come a long way. With programs like Word Press and Kajabi, you can now have a killer looking website for your product launch plan or online membership sites.

It is in the Preparation.

You will do well using some planning in advance. Who will be coming to the site? Are you planning on selling anything? Will you post videos? Are users allowed to make comments? These answers will help you pick the most appropriate look and feel for your site.

Internet Marketing doesn’t need to be a mysterious stranger when it comes to building your online business – just start with the basics of a good quality site and go from there.

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