Kajabi Launches Flight Academy

Some people are going to be pissed!

Over the last couple weeks the Kajabi team released Flight Academy – an online training platform for those wishing to sell online. So here’s my…

 Review of Kajabi Flight Academy

Review Kajabi Flight AcademyIt is a solid training that starts with 30-days of “missions” designed to get you off the ground.

Moving onward, you also have access to the “Flight School” which covers areas such as Niche Research, Product Creation, Marketing Funnels, Customer Retention, and the “flight manual.”

With more and more content being added, why do I say some people are going to be “pissed off?”  Well they are giving…

Free Access to Kajabi Flight Academy!?!

The big catch is that they are not charging ANYTHING for access to this training.

That is great for anyone trying to get off the ground (no pun intended) or get some insight into the minds of those already successful, but there are plenty of marketers that make money selling this stuff!

Personally I think it is great they have created this course. I look at it like a magician giving away some secrets – now the other magicians need to step up their game.

Forgetting for a second that you may or may not be interested in using Kajabi as a platform for selling online, you really should check out the Flight Academy for solid marketing training and ideas.

I would have loved to have access to this information (for free none the less) early on.

Matter of fact…I dare you…(call it a Godfadr dare).

I dare you to log on to Kajabi Flight Adademy, and jump into the missions with Travis. If you follow it each day, you might, after 30 days, have a whole new income stream!

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