Kajabi Free Trial Klosing… I mean, closing?

No, they’re not closing down for good, but just like when the lady at the food court runs out of free samples before you get there, you’re about to miss out:

See, I just got word that the 14 day free trial is ending on Wednesday 10/20/10 at midnight – and NO, I DON’T know what timezone, so it’s best not to waste ANY time.

Kajabi Free Trial Closed but now you can get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Thousands of people are already enjoying their chance to start building their next business inside Kajabi completely free for the first two weeks! If you’ve already got content, you could be making sales before you even have to pay your first Kajabi bill!

But ONLY if you take the offer now.  Sure, you’ll be able to get Kajabi later at the regular monthly subscription price, but free is free, and now is now.  Don’t say you weren’t warned about what happens Wednesday night!

To your success (and hopefully a free jump-start),


P.S. If you missed the sales FAQ the guys released yesterday, it’s still got some KILLER info inside, so if you’re unclear on anything in the offer, it’s a great place to clarify before you buy:

Click here to try Kajabi and get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!