Kajabi Price and Bonus Announced

The second biggest question after “When can I get Kajabi” has always been, “What’s the cost of Kajabi?

Fortunately, you now have the answer…

For a limited time you can get a Kajabi Free Trial.

I am sure there were many discussions around the Kajabi home office when deciding how much to charge. Obviously given the reasonable price point, Andy Jenkins is thinking “keep it low so more people can use it.”

Frankly, I think he could have charged much more (don’t tell him I said that). Kajabi raises the bar for everyone marketing on the Internet, regardless of the niche or product type.

Can you afford Kajabi?

Is Kajabi even right for you?

Since most people will be able to operate Kajabi at the lowest tier ($99/mo) you really don’t need many sales to justify the price. However, you do need to keep the following in mind:

1.     Kajabi shines when you are doing a video based training.

2.     Don’t think that Kajabi, alone, will help you flog some lame PLR pdf on the Internet for hundreds of dollars.

3.     Although prior to launch, Kajabi was geared towards Internet Marketers, it has no such niche limitations. Any program or product you want to deliver online can benefit from the easy to use platform.

4.     Maybe you avoided doing a membership site because of the technology hassles. This will no longer be a barrier.

5.     Frankly, your stuff is just going to look more expensive. With Kajabi, you can actually sell your existing program for more money.

I wish Kajabi would have cost more. Not for myself mind you, just to thin the herd out a bit as most people will now be able to afford it. I guess that just means I am going to have to up my game even further…Kajabi has set a new standard.

We’d like to extend a special bonus here at KajabiReviews.com.  Anyone that decides to buy Kajabi through this site will receive a one-hour session with me personally. We can go over your overall online business plan or discuss specific “how to” items in Kajabi – it’s your choice.  For all the details just watch our Best Kajabi Bonus video.

As an actual Kajabi Beta Tester and User, I look forward to your success.