Kajabi Review One Year Update

Time to update to my original Kajabi review and answer some reader questions!

What are the newest features?

Is Kajabi really working as push button marketing?

Does it help anyone create an online training product?

First off, I have had the software for a year now (first as a beta tester, then as a user).

I can say, in a good way, that it is very different now then it was back then. Even if you looked at Kajabi in the beginning (yes, there were a few hiccups when they launched) you are going to want to take another look.

Andy Jenkins and the Kajabi Team are continually upgrading what the marketing platform can do. I know that sounds like the staple statement from just about every software company, but I have seen them in action.

There is a community board set up that allows users to suggest (and vote) on the features they would most like to see added.

Guess what?

If a suggestion makes it to the top of the list, the team gets to work – pretty impressive.

Here are some…

New Kajabi Features to Review

A/B Testing Integration – The system now supports the ability to enter code immediately before the <head> tag, which most A/B testing services required. You can now A/B test any page!

They suggest that you use either Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer. I have used the former and it works great.

New shorter funnel URLs – This was a hot button for me when they launched. I hated that the old funnel URLs looked like “/squeeze_pages/1234” or “/sales_pages/535” but now they are shorter and take out the sensitive words like “squeeze” or “sales”. New URLs look like “/sq/1234” or “/sp/535”.

Customized Tweets and Facebook Share Messages – Now you can customize the share features on your Kajabi site. So when someone “shares” it not only drives more traffic, it sends the message you want them to send!

Subscription Plans Can Optionally Expire – For people that want to sell a subscription-based service, you can now set the plan to expire. Although I personally do not use this feature, I know some people that do – and this change was a lifesaver!

Simple Clickbank Integration – We just added one of our online trainings to Clickbank and the Kajabi system and video tutorials made it easy to get approval from Clickbank for things like sales and thank you pages. Plus when someone buys through Clickbank they are automatically sent their confirmation and login credentials from the Kajabi system. Now that’s push button marketing!

There were plenty of other additions in the last year such as…

  • New templates
  • Custom Tracking Code Improvements
  • Affiliate Link in the footer.
  • Comment search ability
  • Perpetual Funnels are much easier to implement
  • New header backgrounds
  • Way…way…faster!

The only extra thing I would mention at this time would be the addition of the Flight Lounge – a location where Kajabi Ninjas are sharing cools stuff you can use now!

Ready to take the next step? Check out the official site to buy Kajabi here.