Kajabi Review – What are the System Requirements?

Gone are the days of making sure that you computer is loaded with 5000 GB of RAM to be able to run a sophisticated program like Kajabi – let someone else worry about it.

Kajabi is a web-based product. You will not need to install any programs, software, or plug-ins.

You only need a working web connection and one of the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (7 and up)
  • Mozilla Firefox (my favorite)
  • Google Chrome

I am told some other ones work, but I have not personally tested them out so I couldn’t comment.

In a nutshell,

Whether you are a PC kind of guy… or a Mac fanatic

Whether you have a new “I play games in screaming fast 3D” or … an old “I play Minesweeper for fun” kind of computer,

You are ready to create easy sales funnels with the Kajabi marketing platform!

To go to the official Kajabi site and hear all about how you can get Kajabi, click here.