Before Buying Kajabi Answer 5 Questions

You have questions, I have answers! Here is a short list of five questions you need to…

Ask Yourself Before You Buy Kajabi:

1. Will You Use It?

Sure, this one seems obvious, but many people seem to simply purchase the latest “shiny object” out there without thinking about how (or if) it will fit into their current business model.

Make sure it is something you either have an immediate need for or can see ways to use it NOW. Hey, I am not completely off base on buying things we never use. Remember that Binary Clock that you thought would look good in your office?

Take a look at what others are doing with Kajabi (some pretty amazing stuff). Think you got what it takes (hint: you probably do) – then by all means, jump in. If it is going to stay on your computer gathering dust with MineSweeper, keep moving on.

2. Is it in your budget?

Although I believe the membership site software is a very fair price, there are other Kajabi alternatives. Anytime you purchase software for your business, particularly one that has a monthly cost, you need to make sure that the software is increasing your bottom line.

In other words, if you spend the $99 (which is the Kajabi price for the basic monthly package), are you getting back more than that each month? For myself, I look for a 3-1 ratio. For every dollar I throw out there, I want three back. Sounds fair and in my case, the membership software more than delivers on that one!

3. Is it easy to use? (And I don’t mean just for you.)

Ok, maybe it should be easy for you to use as well, but, in the end, who cares about you? I mean really, you should be looking out for your customers. Is it easy to use or do they have to struggle to find their way around?

Nobody likes to learn something new (ok, maybe that geek down the street, but hey, they probably watch Real Housewives as well). Your customer has a shorter attention span than a four-year-old at a civil war museum. Don’t put them through the ringer if you can find an easier way to give them information.

On the plus side, Kajabi is easy for both the people behind the curtain as well as those enjoying the show!

4. Are You Into Video?

I’ll admit to having seen some pretty cool uses for the software. You’ll find it can be used for just about every product you can think of.  Just be sure to keep this in mind; Kajabi really shines when you are talking about video.

That is not to say that I have not seen people use the system for things other than video. Some use it as a “gateway” to selling Clickbank products.  Others use it to deliver simple pdf reports as well as audio files.

I will go out on a limb and say that if you have no future plans to ever do video (on camera, power point, etc) then you might want to look for something else. Frankly never using video in Kajabi is like buying a Bugatti and never going above 20mph. Really, what is the point of owning one then?

5. Are You Ready?

Here comes the lame question of the five, but still worth answering. Are you ready to get more business?

The reason I ask is that one cool feature is the way you can interact with your customers. This is an incredibly powerful tool that can turn prospects into customers and customers into raving fans.

If you don’t have time to interact with people that are paying for your services, maybe you should be looking for another job (I hear theme parks are hiring again). It is fun and rewarding to deliver quality all the while keeping a close relationship with your base.

With Kajabi, you have a chance to interact with your customers in a unprecedented manner. Think of social networking on steroids (the kind of steroids where someone is actually making money).

I may have had a little fun with these five questions, but they are still important. Kajabi is a powerful tool, if you are going to use it. It has literally changed the way some people do business and it just might be the tool for you.