Every Kajabi Plan is Unlimited

Kajabi has cleared up any confusion regarding the three pricing options it has available.  They’ve assured us there’s no need to worry about hidden fees or massive overage charges (remember you first cell phone “roaming” charge?)

First off, Kajabi was created without limitations. There are three basic plan “sizes” to start with.  Depending on your needs, pick between the…

Starter, Pro, or  Ultra (read Kajabi Price in Three Sizes to see which one is right for you).

Keep in mind, every Kajabi package comes with the following…

1. If you go above your allotted band width, not to worry. The additional fee is only 48 cents per GB used. So you are not automatically bumped up to another package.

2. If you need extra projects, you pay only $20 per project (active at the end of a billing cycle).

3. If you go over your allotted users, you are only charged $.01 per additional user. Need to add 1,000 users to your “starter” package? Yep, that will only cost you $25.

Frankly, I am pretty happy about the easy “add-ons.” It removes any surprises and worry about picking the wrong plan.

Still not sure if you should get Kajabi? Right now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of a Kajabi Free Trial. Consider it a 14-day test drive, just to see how good it really is.

Kajabi Free Trial Klosing… I mean, closing?

No, they’re not closing down for good, but just like when the lady at the food court runs out of free samples before you get there, you’re about to miss out:

See, I just got word that the 14 day free trial is ending on Wednesday 10/20/10 at midnight – and NO, I DON’T know what timezone, so it’s best not to waste ANY time.

Kajabi Free Trial Closed but now you can get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Thousands of people are already enjoying their chance to start building their next business inside Kajabi completely free for the first two weeks! If you’ve already got content, you could be making sales before you even have to pay your first Kajabi bill! [Read more...]

Your Top Kajabi Questions Answered

You’ve got Kajabi Questions, we’ve got answers.

No doubt this software hit the internet by storm and certainly opened the door for experienced internet marketing and would be internet marketers alike.

With thousands already taking advantage of the limited time free trial, there are probably few people on the fence. But just in case you are still wondering…

“Just What is Kajabi?”

Here are your top questions…

Q. Was the Kajabi  launch done on this platform? Without any other tech?

A. Yes. It was all pure Kajabi, the same technology you have full access to.

Q. Do I have to host my videos files?

A. Instead of uploading videos to Kajabi, you can choose to paste an embed code from an outside video provider. Keep in mind that if you do that you will not get the benefits of the auto-thumbnail generation, the tease and timed squeeze, and the timed cart buttons. But that is your call.

Q. We want to move to Kajabi from our current membership site platform. Can we import existing users from our current membership sites?

A. You may import all your users to Kajabi through the Bulk upload feature in the User Creation module. Just export them as a CSV for easy upload.

Q. What if I outgrow the package I pick? How hard is it to upgrade to the next package as I grow?

A. You can upgrade and downgrade anytime easily on your Dashboard. Payments will be prorated.

For more frequently asked questions you can visit our recent Kajabi Review Update.

Kajabi Cart Now Open with Free Trial

For a limited time, you can get Kajabi with a special introductory free trial. Yep, that’s right.  It’s FREE for 14 days and you won’t have to deal with any “cancellation hassles” should you decide not to keep it.

Just Click Here to Get Your 14 Day Kajabi Free Trial

The Free Trial has Closed. Please visit the Kajabi Price Review for current plans.

Take it around the block and really put it to the test. Build a program in it. Even build a sales funnel, sell stuff, and collect the money. This is not a “limited version”, this is the whole ball of wax. You truly get to decide if this new Internet marketing platform works for your business.

You get to try the membership software at no cost. If you like it, just choose one of the monthly Kajabi price plans that work for your online business (starting at $99 month).

Want to cancel? No BS, No Hassle…

Let’s be honest, some companies make canceling their item harder than anything. They make you call in, talk to seven levels of supervisors, and then you get off the list (while keeping a watchful eye on your credit card statements).

Not in the case of Kajabi…. [Read more...]

Kajabi Releases NICE Report

If you have been waiting to hear more about Kajabi or wanted to grab your copy of the free “The Need for N.I.C.E.” report, your wait is over.

The Kajabi team released a special free report outlining this long awaited marketing platform (read the full Kajabi Review here).

For those new to Internet marketing (goods, services, products…well anything on the Internet), you are going to want to pay very close attention to the new marketing tool.

The N.I.C.E. report helps anyone just starting out and serves as a great reminder of the core principals for seasoned Internet Marketers.

The fact of the matter is that many people selling on the Internet think they are doing all the right things – but are really far from it.

Not for lack of hard work. But “hard work” and “results oriented work” can oftentimes be something different entirely.

Whether or not Kajabi fits in with your overall Internet strategy is up to you. You have plenty of Kajabi reviews and even a video walk through on this very site, but if you do anything on the Internet you are going to want to read this free report!

[Read more...]