Before Buying Kajabi Answer 5 Questions

You have questions, I have answers! Here is a short list of five questions you need to…

Ask Yourself Before You Buy Kajabi:

1. Will You Use It?

Sure, this one seems obvious, but many people seem to simply purchase the latest “shiny object” out there without thinking about how (or if) it will fit into their current business model.

Make sure it is something you either have an immediate need for or can see ways to use it NOW. Hey, I am not completely off base on buying things we never use. Remember that Binary Clock that you thought would look good in your office?

Take a look at what others are doing with Kajabi (some pretty amazing stuff). Think you got what it takes (hint: you probably do) – then by all means, jump in. If it is going to stay on your computer gathering dust with MineSweeper, keep moving on.

2. Is it in your budget?

Although I believe the membership site software is a very fair price, there are other Kajabi alternatives. Anytime you purchase software for your business, particularly one that has a monthly cost, you need to make sure that the software is increasing your bottom line.

In other words, if you spend the $99 (which is the Kajabi price for the basic monthly package), are you getting back more than that each month? For myself, I look for a 3-1 ratio. For every dollar I throw out there, I want three back. Sounds fair and in my case, the membership software more than delivers on that one!

3. Is it easy to use? (And I don’t mean just for you.)

Ok, maybe it should be easy for you to use as well, but, in the end, who cares about you? I mean really, you should be looking out for your customers. Is it easy to use or do they have to struggle to find their way around? [Read more...]

3 Kajabi Alternatives for Membership Sites

Hey, you don’t pick a favorite donut (or is it doughnut?) without checking out a few options, right?

If you are in the market for membership site software, but wondering what your other options might be, look no further. Here are the top picks when…

Considering a Kajabi Alternative

1. OptimizePress

Probably the biggest Kajabi competitor, OptimizePress has grown considerably over the past several months and developed a significant following.

Like Kajabi, OptimizePress allows you to build squeeze pages, secure membership areas, and sales funnels.

In contrast, OptmizePress is currently [Read more...]

Kajabi Launches Flight Academy

Some people are going to be pissed!

Over the last couple weeks the Kajabi team released Flight Academy – an online training platform for those wishing to sell online. So here’s my…

 Review of Kajabi Flight Academy

Review Kajabi Flight AcademyIt is a solid training that starts with 30-days of “missions” designed to get you off the ground.

Moving onward, you also have access to the “Flight School” which covers areas such as Niche Research, Product Creation, Marketing Funnels, Customer Retention, and the “flight manual.”

With more and more content being added, why do I say some people are going to be “pissed off?”  Well they are giving…
[Read more...]

Kajabi Review – Top Three Favorite Features

I am not really an internet marketer…so why do I use Kajabi? Find out my three favorite features in this Kajabi Video Review! [Read more...]

How to Launch Products Online

So you have decided to put a stake in the ground and launch product online. There are plenty of pitfalls, so let’s make sure we are on the same page.

Your first Product Launch…

For starters, I hope you that you have your own product (or at least have re-written a product).

By that I mean you are not simply hoping to cash in big selling affiliate products off some sight a “guru” told you would make you millions (Rhymes with Mickbank).

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for affiliate sales (like you when you have your own list) and you may do well – but for now lets keep these to the side.

So if you have your own product you are most likely going to look for some way to make it look good. You know…sell.

There are a couple ways to handle a product launch online. The best way is to look into some of the product marketing software options available to you.

Product Marketing Software – Cut corners and still look good.

Product Marketing SoftwareThe Kajabi platform is getting a lot of attention lately. Although the formal launch was in October, some online marketers have been using it most of 2010 – and with great results.

This system will work especially for those of you that want to deliver your product via video, save time, and create social interaction.

Please don’t sell me a PDF….really…

That is not to say that PDF reports are dead…just beginning to look more like 8-track tapes when compared to today’s marketing methods.

People want video. People want interaction. People want simple.

Sure, PDFs are “simple” but…yawn….boring! Think video. Whether on your WordPress or “regular” site is a discussion for another day. Grab an Amazon S3 account already and start delivering killer content.

In the beginning, just worry about Two Steps…

1. Create a quality product.

2. Deliver it in a way that people enjoy consuming it.

We can worry about the “rocket science” part of getting bigger (more sales and raving fans) once you get one under your belt.