Kajabi Price In Three Sizes

The cat is finally out of the bag and the general consensus is the Kajabi team has created offers that enable just about anyone to tap into this internet marketing platform. You can buy Kajabi in three different pricing levels. You only need to choose the package that is right for your business. (Post updated 8/31/11)

The first package, aptly named, is the “Starter Package.”

In this package you can have:

  • three full featured projects,
  • 25 GB of bandwidth
  • 10 GB of storage
  • 1000 members
  • three administrator accounts, and
  • upload your own pre-encoded videos.

The Kajabi price is $99 per month for the Starter.

The second level is called the “Pro Package.”

This package runs $199 per month and provides:

  • 20 full featured projects,
  • 50 GB of bandwidth,
  • 20 GB of storage,
  • 5000 members,
  • 20 administrator accounts,
  • Krunch video encoding, and
  • utilization of the cloud based content delivery network.

The final big daddy package is the “Ultra Package.”

Here you can get:

  • unlimited full featured projects,
  • 100 GB of bandwidth,
  • 50 GB of storage,
  • 12,500 members,
  • unlimited administrator accounts,
  • the Krunch video encoder, and
  • the cloud based delivery network.

All for a price of $299 per month.

All packages come with an unlimited number of optins (for the sales funnel), social media integration (facebook, twitter, and YouTube), and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Here’s an easy chart for comparing Kajabi Price Plans:

Kajabi price plan chart


If you go above your allotted band width, not to worry. The additional fee is only 50 cents per GB used. So you are not automatically bumped up to another package. There are also provisions if you need to go over the number of users or projects.

Also, anyone buying  through this site gets my  special Kajabi Bonus. For all the details of the current pricing be sure to visit the official Kajabi site.

Kajabi Cart Now Open with Free Trial

For a limited time, you can get Kajabi with a special introductory free trial. Yep, that’s right.  It’s FREE for 14 days and you won’t have to deal with any “cancellation hassles” should you decide not to keep it.

Just Click Here to Get Your 14 Day Kajabi Free Trial

The Free Trial has Closed. Please visit the Kajabi Price Review for current plans.

Take it around the block and really put it to the test. Build a program in it. Even build a sales funnel, sell stuff, and collect the money. This is not a “limited version”, this is the whole ball of wax. You truly get to decide if this new Internet marketing platform works for your business.

You get to try the membership software at no cost. If you like it, just choose one of the monthly Kajabi price plans that work for your online business (starting at $99 month).

Want to cancel? No BS, No Hassle…

Let’s be honest, some companies make canceling their item harder than anything. They make you call in, talk to seven levels of supervisors, and then you get off the list (while keeping a watchful eye on your credit card statements).

Not in the case of Kajabi…. [Read more...]

Kajabi Price and Bonus Announced

The second biggest question after “When can I get Kajabi” has always been, “What’s the cost of Kajabi?

Fortunately, you now have the answer…

For a limited time you can get a Kajabi Free Trial.

I am sure there were many discussions around the Kajabi home office when deciding how much to charge. Obviously given the reasonable price point, Andy Jenkins is thinking “keep it low so more people can use it.”

Frankly, I think he could have charged much more (don’t tell him I said that). Kajabi raises the bar for everyone marketing on the Internet, regardless of the niche or product type.

Can you afford Kajabi?

Is Kajabi even right for you? [Read more...]

Best Kajabi Bonus Offer?

Here they come…all those incredible Kajabi Bonus offers that affiliates will offer this week in hopes of getting you to order through their link.

I just couldn’t resist making this video that pokes a little fun at a few “too good to be true” offers plus extends a real life (but still great) Kajabi Bonus from yours truly. [Read more...]