Kajabi Review One Year Update

Time to update to my original Kajabi review and answer some reader questions!

What are the newest features?

Is Kajabi really working as push button marketing?

Does it help anyone create an online training product?

First off, I have had the software for a year now (first as a beta tester, then as a user).

I can say, in a good way, that it is very different now then it was back then. Even if you looked at Kajabi in the beginning (yes, there were a few [Read more...]

Can I Use Kajabi for Multiple Projects?

The short answer is, “Yes.”

Actually, the long answer is also, “Yes.”

A “Project” is basically any program you have that has its own, independent, look, feel, or content.

For example, you might have one project for an Internet Marketing Training and another on How to Train Your Dog. That would be two different projects or products.

All projects can be seen in your main Kajabi dashboard with one word of caution… [Read more...]

Kajabi Review – What are the System Requirements?

Gone are the days of making sure that you computer is loaded with 5000 GB of RAM to be able to run a sophisticated program like Kajabi – let someone else worry about it.

Kajabi is a web-based product. You will not need to install any programs, software, or plug-ins.

You only need a working web connection and one of the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (7 and up)
  • Mozilla Firefox (my favorite)
  • Google Chrome

I am told [Read more...]

What are Kajabi Sales Funnels?

You can’t get far into a solid Kajabi review without asking, “What are Sales Funnels?”

With internet marketing creating a good sales funnel is like finding that missing corner piece to an intricate puzzle.

Think of it as the process your prospective buyer goes through as they learn about the product and decide if it’s right for them. Whether your funnel is a traditional sales page or a four part video series, you want to think about the user’s entire experience.

Kajabi does [Read more...]