Kajabi Can’t Bake a Cake…Yet.

I am wrapping up my visit to Kajabi HQ this week and my mind is swimming with ideas.

For those of you that don’t know, I decided to get on a long plane ride and make my way out to Kajabi headquarters to meet the team, get a few ideas, and see what they have in store for Kajabi users. Even as a beta tester in 2010, I had not been out to see them.

As usual, I am sworn to secrecy on some things, but here is what I can say about my trip at this point.

Commitment and Passion –

These are the two biggest qualities I look for in people when I first meet them. Sure, talent and ability are big, but I assume those qualities are already present.

I know plenty of talented people that have the “ability” to get something done – but without commitment and passion they always fall short of excellence.

I can convey that these guys live and breathe Kajabi. It is not some side project they are wrapping up and moving on to the next shiny object. These guys are in it for the long haul and it is great to see that level of dedication (that is Kenny and Travis in the photo with me).

“You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”

I have to admit, I really love a lot of the features that Kajabi has. I kind of figured, going forward, they would pretty much be tightening up a few things, adding a couple cool widgets, and let it go. I couldn’t be more wrong.

What is Kajabi? I mean, I know what it is now but after listening to the Kajabi team talk about upcoming implementations (yes, this is the sworn to secrecy part) we are in for a game changer.

Don’t get me wrong, Kajabi won’t be replacing your Easy-Bake Oven or turning your tap water into gasoline, but it will change the way you look at everything with regards to marketing on the Internet. You truly will be limited only by your ideas, not implementing them.

Take Flight –

Every once in awhile there is a place for Internet entrepreneurs to get together and exchange ideas. Hey, there is plenty of business out there and I have no problem sharing information to help someone else – it all comes around. Flight Academy will be just that for Kajabi users.

Kajabi announced Flight Academy just a couple weeks ago, but I think it is the “missing link” for some Kajabi users – a place to get solid usable information as well as brainstorm new projects. Stay tuned for that one.

Revisit your ideas –

My biggest personal takeaway (other than needing to work on my basketball game) is that I need to throw every idea I have had in the last 10 years back on the table.

Having seen how many ways people are using Kajabi really opened my eyes.

Sure, we know what it looks like in the hands of the Internet Guru launching to thousands simultaneously – but what about the other guys? The ones that are using it for quick affiliate-only pages, membership portals, or bonus portals. Marketing with Kajabi covers a lot of ground when you think a bit outside the box.

So what about me?

First off, I am going to spend the next couple weeks outlining a plan to add new things to my business.

When I say “new things,” I mean projects that make money using Kajabi. Ideas that have been on the back burner have no excuse residing there any longer – it just too easy to implement them.

If you are already a Kajabi user, hang on; it is going to be a wild ride.

If you are not already in the Kajabi family I would say grab your boarding pass now. Order Kajabi and be ready to be a part of something fun, innovative, and the best part, profitable.

*Disclamier: The Godfadr is not an employee of Kajabi. He is an offline turned online entrepreneur that had the opportunity to beta test Kajabi before release. He spends his time riding his Harley, traveling, and enjoying life but knows you have to pay for that lifestyle somehow. He hates talking about himself in third person and will always give you a straight answer – even if it is not the one you want to hear.

What is Kajabi Video?

What would a Kajabi Reviews be without the actual video at our fingertips?

Of course the What is “Kajabi”? video (as well as the marketing platform) are the creation of Andy Jenkins aka The Video Boss.

Although I think Andy can make just about anything look good, I have actually used Kajabi for several months now. It lives up to the hype of this trailer (unlike, say, Star Wars Three).

What is Kajabi to Internet Marketing?

You can’t seem to go anywhere on the Internet right now without hearing the words “Kajabi” and “Internet Marketing” being mentioned in the same sentence.

So what is all the fuss about anyway?

Well, in a nutshell, Kajabi is the first marketing platform to come along that puts high dollar techniques into the hands of the average Internet marketer (maybe Kajabi Marketing will become its own term in the near future).

Actually, I really shouldn’t say “average” internet marketer, because most people never really do anything other than create a page and throw up some PLR articles for sale – oftentimes not happy with the result.

Kajabi enables the people that are serious about Internet marketing to elevate their game – a lot.

Anyone with a little “blog posting” experience can now create polished looking sites, sales pages, training programs, or membership sites for potential users.

It’s not just about looking pretty, although admittedly that is a strong point. No, it has some serious programming behind it. The kind of programming that most small or medium sized marketers can’t afford.

Now we can have access to the same tools that were behind recent six figure launches by the likes of Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, and other big names.

The Kajabi price point could  be what amazes people the most. Plus a free trial period at launch makes the whole process risk free.

It doesn’t happen often, but Kajabi will be a game changer for all levels of Internet marketers.

To go to the official Kajabi site and hear all about how you can get Kajabi, click here.

Kajabi Video – An Honest Review

Wondering just What is Kajabi?

Is it really worth all the hype? Is it right for me?

Watch this Kajabi Video for an honest review from Beta Tester Fred Rewey.

Click Here to see the Video Review of Kajabi [Read more...]

Will Kajabi Help My Online Business?

I have been seeing this question thrown around a lot lately. When can I get Kajabi Started? The answer is soon…real soon. But will it help your online business?

Certainly Internet marketers are eagerly awaiting the launch of Kajabi – they have seen it in use by some big players in the last several months.

But, surprisingly, it is not just for people that have big lists and a computer full of trainings ready to go. Just about anyone that is trying to sell a product online is going to be drawn to Kajabi – and for good reason.

Kajbi is more than a guru product launch machine. It is turning into a one-stop shop for whatever you are selling on the Internet.

Membership site?

Free Information?

Affiliate Management?

Download page for Clickbank?

Charity site?

Videos for training?

You name it; Kajabi is finding a way to make things easier for you.

Normally this would be overly ambitious. [Read more...]