Top 10 Reasons You Will Want To Buy Kajabi

I have to admit, it has been great having a front row seat during the creation of Kajabi. As a beta tester I got to throw in my two-cents during development.

Sure I would like to say that myself and the other beta testers came up with all the cool stuff you are now going to get to see, but the reality is the Kajabi team had it pretty well dialed in from the beginning.

I was skeptical at first. Matter of fact, I didn’t want to like it…

We have all seen Internet products come and go. The newest shiny object attracts wannabe Internet marketers (and seasoned ones as well). The fact of the matter is that many of these products work for those that sell them and often no one else.

So what makes Kajabi different?

Here are 10 reasons that if you want to sell anything on the Internet you are going to want to buy Kajabi.

1. Kajabi is not another black-hat shiny object. Think of it as a kick-butt internet marketing tool that enables you to create incredible product launches, which have both form and function.

2. Create a sales funnel for your campaign that the pros pay big bucks for.

3. The marketing platform easily (I mean really easily) integrates with whatever you use now for a shopping cart or mail service (1ShoppingCart, Clickbank, AWeber, etc, etc).

4. Whether you want a “one-time” product launch or an “evergreen” product that continues to sell over and over again; Kajabi has got you covered with just a couple of mouse clicks.

5. One account equals multiple projects. You are no longer going to be spending your time on frustrating technology and sales issues. You can focus on what you should be focusing on…creating more content for hungry buyers.

6. Seamlessly deliver content and watch your buyers be amazed.

7. Marketing Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Kajabi Video Pages, Product Information Pages, Sales Letters, and much more – All from a flexible WYSIWYG Online Editor.

8. Create a community atmosphere among your buyers. Allow them to not only interact with each other, but you as well.

9. Kajabi is a one-stop-shop. From lead generation to email capture, sales funnel to content delivery, Kajabi will do it all from one dashboard under your command.

10. For the first time ever, you are not limited by either budget or technology when wanting to launch a product. Kajabi is inexpensive and the technology is unprecedented.

You can try and ignore the release of Kajabi all you want, but it will (or should I say “has”) set a new benchmark for Internet marketing – regardless of what you want to sell. This new tool is not a “want” for anyone selling on the Internet; it is a “need.”

Not only a new benchmark for those of us behind the curtain, but a new – quality – expectation from those that we sell our products to.

My only regret? That I didn’t get more “exclusive time” getting to use the system before everyone else could buy it.

To go to the official Kajabi site and hear all about how you can get Kajabi, click here.