What are Kajabi Sales Funnels?

You can’t get far into a solid Kajabi review without asking, “What are Sales Funnels?”

With internet marketing creating a good sales funnel is like finding that missing corner piece to an intricate puzzle.

Think of it as the process your prospective buyer goes through as they learn about the product and decide if it’s right for them. Whether your funnel is a traditional sales page or a four part video series, you want to think about the user’s entire experience.

Kajabi does a great job in this department.

You have the ability to set up multiple funnels in Kajabi, enabling you to create a great experience for your buyer, and perhaps more importantly, increase your conversion rates.

With funnels, you can create events, sales pages, squeeze pages, and even standby pages.

In addition to creating the pages, Kajabi will display your visitor counts to the first page and report how they “drop off” from there. This gives you the ability to quickly know which pages need changes and which ones are working well.

With Kajabi funnels, your front-end sales process not only become seamless, it also integrates with your entire system. This creates a great user experience and, you guessed it, more sales!

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