What is Kajabi?

Anyone that has tried to sell a product online knows the challenge of finding a solid marketing platform.

Until recently, Internet marketing was limited by needing several different programs to accomplish a successful sale.

Kajabi changes everything!

First off, the system puts everything in one clean package – marketing campaigns, sales funnels, and product launches. The process is so easy, you can focus your time on successful web marketing as opposed to wrestling with your delivery system.

Secondly, the system enables you to turn a prospect into a buyer – in an easy to follow path.

Today people are looking for quality content. It is not enough to offer a membership site; it needs to be loaded with information.

The challenge is that delivering content can be overwhelming – and destroy the user’s experience. Kajabi’s clean look and easy to follow funnel ensures that no one gets left behind from introduction to shopping cart.

Some of the features include:


Easily marketing pages, squeeze pages, video pages, sales letters, and product information pages. Furthermore, the user does not need to know any fancy “coding” to pull off a great looking site.

Publish and Promote

Let’s face it, everybody has a different idea when it comes to SEO and how best to go about it. With Kajabi, anything you create will be instantly on the web. Keywords included!


At the end of the day, if you are like me, you are looking for a way to sell your product – not just give it away. Design the system however you like including membership sites, ongoing trainings modules, and product launches. It really becomes an easy to deliver online business.

Finally someone has looked at what Internet marketing needed to reach the next level and created a solid platform that makes life, and sales, easier.

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