“When Can I Get Kajabi?”

So, after months of rumors, speculation, and hopeful people standing in lines (ok, maybe not that last part) Kajabi actually has a “to the rest of the world” launch date.

What I mean by the “rest of the world” is that we have been part of the beta group for several months now. It has been nice to help shape (via finding bugs and recommending enhancements) the end result.

Here are some important details and dates on the upcoming release….

Kajabi Pre-launch begins on Tuesday, September 28th.

Kajabi will be available for registration on October 7th.

Dates Changed. Click Here for Update

If this goes to the “public” in the same fashion it did to the beta group, I suspect the “pre-launch” phase will get you access to training videos on how to use the system.

We, as a beta testers, are thrilled to see the hard date announced to the general public. Although we have had access to the Kajabi marketing platform, it has been in somewhat of a fragmented form. All the features were there, but now they’ll be put together in a complete cohesive package.

Here are some new features that are set to be in the final Kajabi release….

  • Hybrid Teaser Funnels
  • FULL HTML 5 video serving (iPhone, iPad friendly)
  • Video Encoding
  • AWESOME integration with Clickbank and PayPal
  • Evergreen Dripped Content
  • Facebook Comments on Funnels
  • 25 customizable skins
  • Unlimited Security Roles
  • Teaser and Coming Soon content reveals…

Of course this is on top of all the other great features such as Funnel, Krunch, Kommunity, etc. Be sure to read our Kajabi Review for more details.

So, mark you calendars to get Kajabi. In our opinion it’s going to be a big game changer for struggling online marketers and up the game for those already doing well.

To go to the official Kajabi site and hear all about how you can get Kajabi, click here.

Here is the “official” announcement…