Why Internet Marketers Use Kajabi

With a staff of programmers, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and a hundred other avenues,

Why do Internet Marketers use Kajabi?

The simple reason is it works…

Sure, you could try and reinvent the wheel.  Just know there’s few “must haves” if you are going to be Internet marketingKajabi marketers

A Great Sales Process – You need the ability to take potential buyers on a journey. Maybe for you that is one sales video, or maybe a series of three. You’re also likely to use squeeze pages, pre-shopping carts, and multiple payment options. Whatever the method, you need to have it work.

Content Delivery – Product fulfillment has gone way beyond delivering a pdf to the customer’s email inbox. People want the type of quality that only video can deliver (video for both computers and mobile devices).

Be Social – Consumers want to interact…they need to interact. Not only with you, but others of like mind. Give them a forum to communicate.

Why are the hottest guru’s in the country using the Kajabi marketing platform?

Because it already has every thing they need in one easy to use location.

As someone who was able to beta test the system for most of 2010 I can tell you that there is no reason for me to reinvent the wheel and turn a team of programmers on to the task of creating an efficient vehicle for me to sell on the Internet. (I could use someone to help me write shorter sentences though.)

Anyway, it has already been created…and at a great price.