Your Kajabi Guide

With all the Kajabi Reviews showing up you’ll probably be happy to know that you’ve now found someone that’s been using Kajabi for the last four months. Frankly, I’m not sure how all these people can “review” Kajabi when they haven’t even seen it.

So, as opposed to getting some speculative answers, you are going to get them from someone that has actually “been there.” Consider me your own personal “Kajabi” Guide.

The new marketing platform from Andy Jenkins and his team of developers helps in three main areas:

1. Sales

2. Purchase

3. Fulfillment

All of these areas are key to anyone selling on the Internet and each is important in its own right.

For “Sales” you need to be able to present a good reason for someone to purchase the product. We have all seen poorly laid out squeeze pages (or even worse, pages where the reader doesn’t know what to do next). The Kajabi Sales Funnel considerably increases conversions – after all that’s why all the big names are personally using the platform.

For “Purchases” Kajabi makes it easy as well. The marketing platform interconnects with the most popular carts and mail management systems. If you are already using AWeber, 1ShoppingCart, iContact, etc – you don’t need to move a thing. It also has an integrated module that manages and cultivates affiliate sales.

“Fulfillment” is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. Taking someone through a sales process to only hand them some lame PDF doesn’t leave the best of all impressions – especially if you want that person to purchase again or refer friends. Kajabi kicks butt in this area – providing a quality platform for both product delivery and membership sites. In addition to satisfied customers, high quality videos and training modules justify higher price points.

I am the last one to say any program is a one-stop-shop when it comes to launching products online – but I have to admit, Kajabi comes pretty close. And with more and more features being added, it is undoubtedly setting the new standard.

Visit the official Kajabi site here.